Saturday, December 19, 2009


*2012 December update*
 New location in the NW area.

Bistecca, funghi, endives and cauliflower.

*Recent photos from October 2010- Mercato Mission*
Bruschetta in 3 varieties.
All I have to say is Rabbit is delicious!
Pan di Spanga (again!)

Mercato on 4th St SW
The best restaurant in Mission. Come here with a group because these dishes were made for sharing. Restaurant and bar style, the bar benches actually face an open kitchen where you can watch the chefs prepare and plate your food.
Love the decor.

 Baby octopus on a bed of fresh herbs
Isn't he cute? I should have given him a name.

Gnocchi with lamb, mushrooms and fresh parm.
Bistecca: basically a huge medium rare steak with herbs, lemon juice, and rock salt. Best. Steak. Ever.
Funghi! Most delicious mushrooms I have ever had.

Pan Di Spagna with fresh blueberries and blackberries

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